Benefits to Residents

Wood vs. Steel


How much money do you think you spend maintaining your home. 

Structural steel is so durable, it does not shrink, split, wont't absorb moisture and resists warping.  Maintenance fees and repairs are so minimal even over the course of 50 to 70 years.  Saving the you thousands of dollars.


Since cold formed steel is a non-combustible material, this reduces the risk of property loss during the construction of the project and over the life of the structure.

Reduced risk of property loss leads to lower    homeowner insurance.  


According the United States Department of Agriculture, termites cause a estimated $5 billion dollars in damage a year in the United States.

Termites cause more damage than fire, floods and storms combined.

As you can see on the left how quickly termites can attack a new construction open web floor joists.  Steel is impervious to termites and insects.


How many times have you seen pictures like this of wood in a crawl space or where moisture was present in your home. 


It's time to switch to a dominate product that does not warp, split, twist, swell or react to moisture content that leads to mold. 


Steel has the highest strength to weight ratio of any building material.  Consistent chemistry allows steel    to behave well by imposed stress from wind and seismic forces.

Steel has been recognized as the standard material in the commercial industry and is equally as beneficial to residential industry.

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