Why build your home or structure out of steel?

- Cost effective with highest weight to ratio of any building material - 25 to 30 times stronger than wood - Solves labor shortage concerns - Easy to handle and light weight - Does not abosorb mositure and is impervious to termites - Does not twist, crack, split or warp - 100% non-combustible material - Eliminates job site waste - Saves thousands of dollars in warranty and maintenance - Reduced builder and homeowner insurance

Does steel framing impact the environment?

The steel industry is the world leader in recycled materials at a rate of of 98%. Energy efficiency naturally means steel

Steel cost?

Will steel framing interfere with portable electronic devices and/or television reception?

Will my steel structure rust?

Why is steel better to build with over wood?

What if lighting strikes?

How do I hang a picture on my walls?

Does a steel structure effect my insurance premiums?

Will my home look different than wood built homes?

Can I find trades to work in my steel home?

How do you handle steel framing if I only have wood structural engineering plans?

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