"As a client of Synergy Steel, we would like to say thank you for being an incredible building partner.  With rising lumber costs and a shortage of skilled framing labor, as a homebuilder, we had to do something different.  Switching from traditional stick built wood framing to light gauge steel panelization has reduced our cycle time, waste and labor headache.  We instantly saw the benefits not only to our bottom line but also in our finished product."  - Broadstreet Homes, Inc.


Step 1:

Submit Plans to our

Specialty Steel Engineers

  • Synergy Steel starts by taking your structural plans and places them into our proprietary steel engineering software.

Step 2:

Engineered Plans Converted Into 3D Revit Panelization Drawings

  • Once engineering is completed, the plans are loaded into our CNC panelization module. 

  • This process produces the fabrication layouts, eliminates any conflicts and streamlines the framing process.

Step 3:

Steel Coils Slit to

Required Specifications

  • Synergy Steel partners with the largest steel manufacturers in the world in an effort to secure top quality galvanized steel coils to our specifications.

  • Each coil meets the highest standards in cold formed steel with a special coating to prevent corrosion.

Step 4:

Structural Components Fabricated

  • Our custom developed interfaced machines are computer  controlled, so that all framing components are produced with absolute precision and ready to assemble.

Step 5:

Jobsite Delivery

  • Each structural component is labeled and loaded in the sequence in which it is to be installed.

  • Upon arrival at the jobsite each structural component is unloaded and ready to be installed.

Step 6:

Turnkey Framing

  • Synergy Steel is a complete turnkey framing provider that only utilizes highly trained and certified Synergy Steel employees.

  • Synergy Steel does not subcontract any third party framing providers.

Step 7:

Project Management

  • As a client of Synergy Steel, each project is assigned a specific Construction Manager that will assist you throughout the entire process.  

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