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Synergy Steel Opens Automated Cold-Formed Steel Manufacturing Facility in Lancaster, SC"

"It is exciting times for Synergy Steel" www.synergysteelcorp.com , Michael Iagnemma – President said. Synergy Steel provides solutions to the housing and construction industry through the collaboration of light gauge steel manufacturing and innovative framing and panelization techniques. Synergy Steel’s process of utilizing 3D modeling software to construct engineered products provides a solution to the industry’s rising construction costs and skilled labor shortage.

Synergy Steel just commissioned their first Howick Frama 3200 machine which will be one of many Howick technologies to come over the next year. Synergy Steel will manufacture steel studs, engineered floor and roof trusses and wall panels which will be panelized before leaving the facility.

Mr. Iagnemma was and is a middle-sized builder that has built everywhere from first time home buyers to large custom homes in the Charlotte, NC area. Mr. Iagnemma and his leadership team had discussed for some time wanting to automate construction. They wanted more effective building materials and processes that would complement important factors; such as, skilled labor shortage that we all face today, time constraints and more durable products that have several advantages through the complete building life-cycle including warranty.

Synergy Steel’s 32,000 sq./ft. facility is in Lancaster, South Carolina and sits on 11 prime acres with the ability to build another 32,000 sq./ft. facility. Already, Synergy has taken orders for over 450 homes and is in numerous discussions on several multi-family and hotel projects.

Synergy has also taken very seriously their software selection for the market to best meet the client’s requirements. This will provide great synergy with their clients from a collaborative effort, no pun intended!

Understanding the market as they do, Synergy is already expanding into other verticals of construction such as:

- Assisted Living

- Multi-family

- Commercial

- Small Warehousing

- Pods

- Volumetric and modular units; and

- Variety of other unique abilities

Synergy’s COO, Al Iagnemma, will be executing the operations of their manufacturing facility. Mr. Iagnemma is well respected in the manufacturing industry. He has consulted for several hundred Fortune 500 companies. Al is best known for developing and improving processes, driving efficiencies resulting in sustainability and profitability. Al is all about automation and will be driving this initiative for Synergy Steel as they move forward and look to expand their operation into multiple manufacturing facilities across the United States.

Synergy Steel is embracing the new buzz word in the United States, yes... MANUFACTURING! It will be exciting to see them grow. If you have questions about their new and exciting automated manufacturing processes, touring their facility, or getting better educated about their offering, please contact Michael Iagnemma at michael@synergysteelcorp.com .

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